PloppIT will allow the uploading, extraction and management of multimedia geo-spatial data through web services.


PloppIT will allow the following operations:

  1. User Registration into the PloppIT cloud
  2. Creation of a personal PloppIT space with public/private settings
  3. Upload map layers to user's PloppIT space using PlopMap
  4. Upload datasets to user's PloppIT space using PlopData
  5. Create and save links between maps and datasets using PlopLink
  6. Create and save thematic maps based on Maps, Data and Links using PlopGIS
  7. Automatically tag maps using intrisic attributes (location, administrative jurisdiction, typology)
  8. Automatically tag datasets (non-geometric) based on content-analysis?
  9. Display Tag Cloud
  10. Allow user-defined folksonomic tagging (like


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