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This aspect of the Venice 2.0 initiative will lay the foundations for all spatial applications contemplated in the Venice 2.0 projects.
In particular, it will support:

  • The Venice Data Repository, where all the datasets and layers produced in the 20 years of existence of the Venice Project Center's operations will be made available to the public.
  • The Web 2.0 Applications that will be constructed on top top of our layers and databases.
  • The planned Venice Mashup Camp where programmers from around the world will compete for the best mashup, based in part on our data.
  • Future municipal applications as part of the LOUIS (Local Online Urban Information System) framework.


We plan to gradually create the backend framework that will allow ADMINs to set up proper map servers including map layers (Mapinfo and ESRI), non-geometric datasets (Access files) and multimedia files (photos, videos and sounds). The components of the system are:

  • PlopMap — to plop maps into the server [web, wiki, trac]
  • PlopData — to plop data into the server [web, wiki]
  • PlopForm — to design and create online forms to be used as input/view interfaces to visualize/update maps and non-geometric attributes
  • PlopMedia — to plop multimedia files (photos, videos, audio…) into the server [web, wiki]
  • PlopCAD — to plop CAD dawings into the server [web,wiki]
  • PloppIT — to link all of the tools together for users to create/share/tag their spatial data [web, wiki]
  • PluckGIS — to connect Maps, Data and Media and allow various visualization options [web, wiki,trac, svn]

Technical implementation

The Venice Map Server is built on Open Source components, including the following:


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